My Story….

My name is Kirsty, I’m a fantasy and illustrative artist, writer of childrens books, pyrographer, general creative type and a bit of a daydreamer! I live in a little house in the countryside with my Hubby and our rescue dogs. I’ve been lucky enough to work with children all my working life, both inside and outside the classroom as I’m an N.N.E.B. and a Forest School Leader. Sadly I was made redundant from my school job a few years ago which absolutely broke my heart. I had worked in that particular school for 18 years and loved helping my children in all aspects of their develpment, they made me so proud every day and I still miss them very much. But I’m not the only person to go through that ordeal right, so like so many people in that awful postion I had to pick up the shattered peices of my former self up work out what to do next…?

Well, I have always been creative, when I couldn’t paint, it came out as writing, pyrography, card making, or any kind of crafting I could get my hands on, I always had to be making or doing something! So that’s where I started, I used my art as a positive therapy tool and an outlet for my sadness, dreams, goals, and I found my way forward. Nowadays it’s all about finding ‘your niche’ which can be really tricky for an artist like me. I am capable of producing a broad range of art in many different styles, so different in fact that sometimes my artwork may not be instantly recognisable as mine! But what I really love most is unleashing my imagination and painting my own style of fantasy and illustrative art, so that’s what I do… (well mostly!) I use various mediums including watercolours, acrylics, and gouache and I’ve painted on all sorts of things from paper and canvas to rocks and bedroom walls! I often use metallic, iridescent, pearlescent, fluorescent and phosphorescent (glow in the dark) paints in my work and often have to take a UV torch with me to exhibitions to show off their effects properly!

So how can I help you?

I can fill your home with beautiful art that feeds your creativity and inspires you on a daily basis. My art can light up a dull space and bring life to your home. It can tie rooms together and create an artistic flow throughout your house or work area. Best of all you will have a one-off, original piece of art that nobody else in the world has! The art you choose to display is a representation you, where you’ve come from, where you are now or where your going. It can weave together the different aspects of your life and personality, it’s all about your self expression.

Artist Kirsty Mills paints a large abstract painting

Art is so therapeutic and can make you feel and think positively. It can brighten your outlook every time you look at it, it will literally lift your spirits! When you buy original art you are buying a peice of the artists heart and soul as well as years and years of hard work, experience and practice which is priceless. You will have a utterly unique work that will be all about you, and nobody else in the world will have one the same piece! It will make you smile whenever you look at it.