Original Art

My shop holds an ever changing inventory of my own original art so do come back and look for new work regulary. To keep up to date you can join my email list here …… or follow me on social media.


I have a growing range of prints avaliable here in my shop, they are reproduced from my own artwork. But my prints are not just scanned and printed using a normal household printer, oh no!

My paintings are professionally photographed and reproduced using an Epson Large Format Printer which uses Epson UltrachromeHD pigment inks. These are guaranteed not to fade (under normal lighting conditions) for at least 75 years. The paper they are printed on is Epson Velvet Fine Art paper which is 100% cotton rag, acid free and 260 g/m² in weight. If my art is going to be reproduced then I want it to be in high quality that people can enjoy for years. 

As you may have gathered by now I have a faithful tribe of furry assistants to help me and Mack is in charge of quality control and ever ready to inspect the products!

I usually hold two different sizes of prints, A3 and A4 but some are possible to have in A2 as well. If any are out of stock it is just a matter of having more printed so get in touch if there is something you’d like but it’s not avaliable right now and I’ll sort it for you as soon as possible. Please be aware that the printing is done by a professional print shop so may take a couple of weeks depending on their workload.