Childrens Books

I love books and reading! Working with children and reading childrens picture books to youngsters for decades has given me a unique opportunity to understand what makes a ‘good book’. I have seen with my own eyes how children dash to retreive their favourite books at story time and the books they begged me to re-read over and over again (which by the way is entirely endearing and lovable). I have watched adults find their favourite story books to read to their children too. I have used picture books as a school topic and a base for lesson planning and I’ve used them in my forest school sessions too. It was this experience that made me want to create a set of books that linked the natural world, forest school and traditional school environments together…. and that is what I’ve started doing!

My Aim for our children…

So I’m currently writing and illustrating my books and creating a huge host of resources that will work hand in hand with the books and encourage our youngsters and adults to get outside. Most of the activities I have planned will require minimal equipment because the equipment will be the natural world, but a ball of srting and a few other things are always handy to have around too! I want my books to be utilised inside and outside of the classroom or home and a reliable and constant source of learning and fun. Books are a joyous privilege to have!