My new book The Night Owl Dream Journal is out on Amazon now!

The NIGHT OWL DREAM JOURNAL is like nothing you’ve seen before!

  • I wanted a beautiful book that was structured and had useful pages to aid me as I journaled.
  • I needed a journal that would keep me on track and encourage me to write.
  • I longed for prompts and data collection sections as well as places to sketch and lines to write on!
  • I didn’t want ANY blank pages!

I spent YEARS looking for my ideal journal. I never found it. In the end, I just gave up, and decided to create my own journal that worked for me instead!

Have you ever been drawn to a gorgeous dream journal in a bookshop?
Have you carefully lifted it from the shelf and felt the ripple of anticipation scurry through you?
Have you opened the impressive book and then…
…been disappointed to find nothing but blank pages staring back at you?!


The Night Owl Dream Journal was born out of this frustration! So, if you want a journal that has a gorgeous cover as well as beautifully produced, usable, and useful pages throughout, look no further. You’ve found it! There are no blank pages here!

  • The Night Owl Dream Journal has prompt pages for every day to assist you when you first wake from your dreams.
  • In the back of the journal, I have inserted grids, and tables to collect data and provide precise tracking should you want to look for specific patterns.
  • For the more seasoned journalers, there is an additional intention page and also an extra page to collect any research and notes that you can carry over into your next dream journal.
  • There are lots of ideas and suggestions included about how to use the various pages.
  • I have created 31 sets of pages so depending on how much you dream, the journal can be used for (at least) any calendar month.

This is a creatively created journal produced by a creative so it is beautiful to behold! It’s a joy to hold in your hands and will look fantastic on your bedside table or bookshelf. It is something you will want to keep so will make a beautiful present for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, it’s something that’s a little bit different. It will provide a sumptuous feast for your eyes and will be a useful tool to help you record your dream journey. For thousands of years, people from all over the world have taken note of their dreams and written them down so they can study and interpret them. The Night Owl Dream Journal has been created for this specific purpose. It has a solid framework and is a good place to start if you are a newbie to dream journalling. Experienced dream journalers will also find this an insightful tool and it could also aid Dream Therapists or similar professionals wanting to keep a more individualised record of their client’s progress.

I painted the owl that you see across the pages of this book halfway through 2022 and the Night Owl Dream Journal quickly followed after it. So why did I use my owl painting as a theme for my first book, and why did I call it the Night Owl Dream Journal? Well, the answer to that is…….in the back of the Night Owl Dream Journal! Make sure to check it out when you buy your copy!

I hope you get as much joy from using this journal as I had creating it for you, sweet dreams all!

Childrens Books

I love books and reading! Working with children and reading childrens picture books to youngsters for decades has given me a unique opportunity to understand what makes a ‘good book’. I have seen with my own eyes how children dash to retreive their favourite books at story time and the books they begged me to re-read over and over again (which by the way is entirely endearing and lovable). I have watched adults find their favourite story books to read to their children too. I have used picture books as a school topic and a base for lesson planning and I’ve used them in my forest school sessions too. It was this experience that made me want to create a set of books that linked the natural world, forest school and traditional school environments together…. and that is what I’ve started doing!

My Aim for our children…

So I’m currently writing and illustrating my books and creating a huge host of resources that will work hand in hand with the books and encourage our youngsters and adults to get outside. Most of the activities I have planned will require minimal equipment because the equipment will be the natural world, but a ball of srting and a few other things are always handy to have around too! I want my books to be utilised inside and outside of the classroom or home and a reliable and constant source of learning and fun. Books are a joyous privilege to have!